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January 2022, No. 99

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Pandemic Economics


A broad-based economic recovery requires an end to the pandemic


The Riddle of Development!


Close cooperation with neighbors is a key point that should exist. While trying to improve Irans ranking in terms of entrepreneurship, rule of law, quality of life, and doing business, should be the first priority.


:: Cover Story

Pandemic Economics

:: Finance

Financing Future Health Systems

:: Science

On-demand Drug Manufacturing

Why There Is No Meritocracy in Our Economy?


:: Global Economy

The Golden Opportunity

Outlook for Prices, Wages and Globalization


:: Economy

Growth and Inflation in the Iranian Economy

Economists Answer Presidents Four Questions

The Riddle of Development!

Wrong Policies!


:: Hall of Fame

Forty Years & One Night

:: Sanction

Economic Sanctions and Saber Rattling

:: Achievement

Chinese Housing Lessons!

2021: 7 things that made UAE believe the impossible is possible

:: Relationship

Man in the Shadows Visits Tehran

:: Unemployment

Unproductive High-Income Unemployed  

:: Development

What Is the Path of Development in Iran?  

:: Family

Drop in Marriage, Rise in Divorce in Iran


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  January 2022
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